Using Press Releases to Build Your Brand – Mid-Hudson Web

There’s a certain level of credence given to businesses that have news-worthy stories circulated about their marketing efforts, newly-launched products, or re-designed websites that make people stand up and take notice. For this reason, press releases really can offer a company plenty of opportunities to increase brand awareness and increase sales at the same time.

Inexpensive Marketing Tactics

There was once a time when press releases would need to be sent to a journalist’s or editor’s desk in print via snail mail. From there, it would depend heavily on what other stories hit that journalist’s or editor’s desk during the week as to which story would be chosen to be printed in a newspaper.

These days, however, submitting and distributing a press release remains one of the more cost-effective marketing tactics available for any business. Submitting a press release can be done with a press of a button. Distribution companies are relatively inexpensive and can circulate that original press release to potentially thousands of syndication sites and portals.

Compare the low cost of a distribution company to the cost of paid online advertising, and you’ll soon see the cost is comparatively low. This makes press releases a very affordable marketing option for most businesses.

Gaining Trust

Even if you don’t think your business has anything newsworthy to put into a press release, there are still benefits to keeping the public updated on what your business is up to.

Submitting press releases on a regular basis can help to keep your brand in the public eye. It can also help to build recognition for your business name and your product. Over time, you should also find that your press releases reach the attention of journalists and other print media staff whose job it is to find local interest stories. This could also increase their trust in you, resulting in a higher level of media coverage where you want it most.

Overall, it seems as though the humble press release really could help your business reach far more people than you might realize. Think about what updates or information about your business you think might make decent news and turn this into a press release. Get it distributed properly, and you might just see an increase in visitor numbers, customer inquiries, and new sales.

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