Using Press Releases to Build Your Brand – Mid-Hudson Web

All of your business branding efforts to date may have been done using the best possible marketing skills, branding techniques and planning efforts, but all of it will be in vain if nobody knows about what you’re doing.

One of the easiest – and fastest – ways to let people know about your branding efforts is to use press releases to your advantage.

In a recent survey of business owners, results showed that 75% of respondents said that press releases played a significant role in the public awareness of their branding efforts.

This is because press releases can be syndicated and published multiple times. Local newspaper publishers look for online press releases that have a link to their own local area. Online press release websites syndicate press releases for publication elsewhere.

And smart business owners will use those press releases to broaden public perception, by using them as updates for blogs, websites, social media marketing updates, and anything else they can think of.

On top of this, well-written, formatted and distributed press releases can assist with SEO efforts. This will help increase overall visibility for your website or blog too.

Do Press Releases Really Matter?

Far too many online business owners dismiss the effectiveness of press releases, citing them as ‘old fashioned’ marketing tactics. In fact, many of them believe that press releases were designed to be sent out to unread local print newspapers.

What these people don’t realize is that modern press release distribution method can target online syndication networks and dramatically increase circulation around the world very quickly. In fact, an estimated 80 million people prefer to read their news online rather than through print media or TV news stations.

Online press release submission sites exist with the sole aim of increasing media coverage for businesses. Regardless of how big or small a business may be, press releases lend a certain level of professionalism that tell customers much about the seriousness of the business and the management of that business.

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