How to Write a Press Release for Reputation Management

“A lot of companies don’t realize the SEO value press releases bring when sent out on the wire,” says Borges. “For some of our clients, the press releases we syndicate rank in the top 10 highest referrers to their company website.”

In Dow’s press releases, they incorporate visuals, primarily photos and videos, and sometimes infographs that support the one critical point.

Serdar suggests adding links and multimedia to each press release: “Hyperlink to the important landing pages that you’re trying to drive them to,” he suggests. “Also, include images, videos, or other multimedia for the reports so that they can plug them into their article.”

SE10 general manager Randolph Pitzer says that visuals in press releases deliver results. “We have found at SE10 that strong visuals will improve the use of press releases,” he says. “In fact, the trade press is so hungry for content, prepackaged press releases with visuals make their jobs easier and improve the chances of getting covered.”

Links can make your press release easier to use as a resource. Don’t make journalists search for more information. Instead provide them with additional information using relevant links to your website. When considering what links to use, think about what questions the journalists might ask.

Write Your Press Release for the Internet

Gone are the days when press releases were published exclusively in print. Chances are, your press release will get more traction online than in ink. That’s why it’s important to keep online writing principles in mind.

Because everything is consumed digitally, Dow encourages press release writers to consider important keywords and phrases. They should support the one critical point of the release while demonstrating the newsworthy and relevant point.

Your press release must also be usable on the Internet. Press release writers should add hyperlinks and make sure your links work.

Another key point? Make your press release easy to skim. “When discussing features, benefits, or any topic of length, use bullets to increase readability,” suggests Klein.

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