How to Write a Press Release for Reputation Management

In addition to expanding your press release’s relevance, keeping your language simple and open to all readers will make it easier for journalists to share your news.

“You need to give reporters freedom to transform your words into their own story,” explains Puder. “If your release is overly sophisticated, reporters have less motivation to write their own words. No serious reporter wants to find herself in a position where she’s copying and pasting directly from a press release.”

Add Expert Insight to Your Press Release

When writing a press release, don’t forget to bring in the experts. They can lend authority, useful information, and enticing quotes that journalists can use to promote your release.

“What I wish most executives, entrepreneurs and business owners understood is that there is probably an area that they are not the expert in that they need to spend the time and money to engage an expert who is comfortable setting expectations, goals, and when needed, saying no,” says Z Group PR consultant Julia Angelen Joy.

Have experts in house? Use them! Add quotes from knowledgeable individuals in your organization for pieces journalists love to share.

“Try and leverage your organization’s expert staff to provide further insight on topics that marketers may not think of,” encourages Lamb.

Of course, if you’re using expert quotes, you may need to rein them in, as a long or ineffective quote can become distracting and hurt your press release.

“Executive quotes need to be clear, concise, and punchy,” says ClickTime’s David Klein. “If you are working with an executive who is insisting on a lengthy or complicated quote, try to break it up into multiple parts.”

As with most things in a press release, less is more when it comes to quotes. Media and content specialist Victoria Borges tries to limit quotes to one or two total. She also tries to include a customer or partner quote to provide third-party endorsement.

Include Links and Multimedia in Your Press Release

While the first few lines should be all business with clear writing that gets to the point, today’s press releases can get taken to another level. This can support your press release and make it richer.

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