How to Write a Press Release for Reputation Management

Keep Your Press Release Short

Make your press release narrow in focus and avoid adding more information than you have to. This will help journalists identify the important information and keep readers interested.

“Your press release must be extremely concise,” says Datapak Services Corporation marketing manager Jody Lamb. “Do this by keeping in mind the exact purpose of your press release and by not expanding it to include unnecessary information.”

Dow warns against extraneous information as well: “We view any information or supporting data that doesn’t support the one critical point as a distraction from the message.”

It’s important to remember the type of writing you’re doing with a press release, as it’s not a blog post or news article.

Dizon reminds writers to keep things short and sweet, and cut to the chase in the first paragraph. Then, she says, keep them engaged and write a follow-up with supporting details in the next paragraphs.

Ultimately, you should limit the length of your press release. Freight Center public relations specialist Danielle Hutchins says press releases should only be a page long.

Make Your Press Release Easy to Read

Your press release should be easy to read for all audiences, not just those within your company or even your industry. Use clear and easy to understand language.

“Avoid all jargon and industry terms,” suggests Lamb. “Assume that your audience has no knowledge of your industry.”

McClenning agrees that avoiding fluff is important, pointing to flowery words, too much unnecessary unrelated information, or unsubstantiated claims as the top offenses to avoid in press releases.

Often, press releases make the mistake of assuming a limited audience when they should really be written for practically anyone to read.

Steele encourages press release writers to ask: what would make this press release interesting for someone who has no background and knows nothing about my company or this subject matter?

“In most cases, writing a press release that is intriguing to a varying audience will help it be more relevant in social media,” encourages Steele.

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