Customized Thermos Helps to Keep Drink Hot or Cold as per Preference

If there is anyone who wants to keep their drink hot or cold up to 24 hours can now do so easily with customized thermos.

Press Release

Sep 17, 2015

There is one company named Drink Branders who had taken drink ware to a different level altogether. From travel mugs, desk mugs, custom Nalgene water bottles to customized thermos[1], the company has provided with a drinking solution that is not only easy to carry around but is extremely stylish as well. The company offers popular, name-brand drink ware so that clients can place the logo of their company or website on the bottles and promote them in an eye catching way.

Drink Branders has partnered with some of the reputed names in the industry that promises to deliver the highest quality and largest variety of drink ware in the market. Clients can look forward to brands like Thermos, Contigo, Nalgene, H2Go and Camelback. Customers putting an order for custom Nalgene water bottles as well as customized Thermos can look forward to getting all at reasonable rates.

One of the spokesperson of the company says, ‘It is Drink Branders privilege that a reputed company like Thermos has partnered with the company. Those who are looking for customized Thermos can buy it directly from Drink Branders as quality is never a concern with them. Clients can choose from non-insulated water bottles to vacuum insulated bottles that is perfectly designed to keep the beverage hot or cold for nearly 24 hours. Drink Branders promises unparalleled customer service, high quality products and people clients can talk to. The creative designers can walk clients through the entire process from concept to implementation giving one as much help as they need along the way.’

Customizing bottles is easy with the company and the nationwide shipping makes placing an order easier with Drink Branders.

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