15 Best Press Release Examples by Type (& Why They Work)

Once they’ve made their case that community audiences should care about their news, they then offer a contact solely dedicated to journalists wanting to learn more. In effect, they pique a reader’s interest, then dedicate resources to make sure journalists get their needs met to effectively cover the story. The result is a press release that is to the point and impactful.

New Hire Press Release Examples

5. eBay

In the first paragraph, eBay’s press release does an excellent job of establishing why this new hire should pique journalists’ interest: Jamie Iannone was the Chief Operating Officer of Walmart eCommerce. The new hire brings expertise that better positions the company in the ecommerce space.

It then further develops the newsworthy angle by expanding on the expertise and impressive career behind Mr. Iannone while instilling trust and optimism in customers, investors, and employees who may be uneasy about change. Quotes expound on this optimism with the Chairman of eBay Inc.’s board expressing confidence in the new CEO’s ability to “lead in eBay’s next chapter of growth and success.”

Finally, the company offers a bio of the new hire, positioning him further as a leader capable of offering the company a bright future. The resulting effect is a press release that eases the anxiety change can induce, creates confidence in the future, and piques the media’s interest in a good-news story centered around a household name brand.

6. Gerber

Gerber’s press release announcing their 2019 “Spokesbaby” does an impressive job of telling a well-rounded narrative that time-strapped, deadline-driven journalists can publish as is. It includes a touching story, a compelling image, and feel-good quotes from key players. The result is a newsworthy release that leaves readers satisfied but still looking forward to more. So, not only can journalists publish a story now but, in doing so, they earn the right to fill their publication space with follow-up news as the story continues to develop.

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