15 Best Press Release Examples by Type (& Why They Work)

The press release subhead, “Transaction Marks Key Milestone in Zoom’s 90-Day Security Plan,” offers the readers two benefits; while brief, it both peaks journalists’ interest in reading more and brings unaware readers up to speed. This helps to continue the ongoing conversation around Zoom’s crisis response plan.

To ensure effective communication during both the acquisition and crisis (and in keeping with crisis communication best practices), Zoom errs on the side of too much communication as opposed to too little. They do so by both including a link to their website page where updates are regularly published and direct contact information to a key company representative so journalists and stakeholders can ask questions.

Charity Press Release Examples

3. DonateLife America

DonateLife America’s event and charity press release does an excellent job of using links to direct journalists to information around the angles they are most interested in covering. In accordance with best practices[3], the release does not offer a one-size-fits-all story, but allows journalists to explore the angle their audiences would most value. Links direct journalists to the people, organizations, and campaigns involved, including social media campaigns, partner websites, and the digital presence of key influencers.

Finally, DonateLife America showcases the event as newsworthy by pointing out it will be hosted by the White House, is aimed at saving American lives, and will include the involvement of the aforementioned influencers and organizations. Here, too, the brand uses links to peak interest and offer more ways journalists can get involved: for journalists who can’t attend in person, the release call to action provides a link where journalists can join by webcast.

4. Gojo

The Gojo press release immediately offers the who, what, when, why, and how of the news story. The company then does an excellent job of convincing readers they should care when it positions their news as a solution to a major community problem. To this effect, they clearly state they are donating 65,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to local hospitals readying for a large influx of patients during the months a global pandemic is predicted to be the most devastating.

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